Proposal Session Fees

This is the day you are going to ask the one you love to spend the rest of her life with you. Will You Marry Me Photography will help you capture this moment. The moment when she laughs out of excitement and cries out of happiness to tell you Yes. If you have a special place in mind or need a little help finding the right place to propose, Will You Marry Me Photography will coordinate the event with you and your venue to make sure we capture the moment.

Session Fee: $275 - Includes Surprise Proposal Session and all your photographs on a Hi-Resolution CD.

For more information please contact me at 858.952.6741 or




Travel Charges - within San Diego county, no additional charges apply. Outside, certain travel or mileage may apply. Please contact us for details. Travel which requires overnight stay or flight will be paid for by customer.

In order to better help you in your planning, I have come up with Top 10 Proposal Ideas.

1. Decorate a Christmas tree. Tell her you have hired a professional photographer to come over and take holiday photos in front of the tree. When you get on one knee to ask her to marry you, I will be there to capture the moment.

2. Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Arrange with the waiter to have the the diamond as one of the choices on the dessert tray. I will coordinate with the hostess and waiter and at the moment I will discreetly move across the room photographing your proposal.

3. Take her on a Trolley Ride in Old Town. We will work with the trolley driver to stop in the right spot so that we get the best photograph. In front of the open doors of the trolley ask her to marry you. I will be there walking around taking pictures like a tourist ready to capture her expression.

4. Take her on a romantic carriage ride in Seaport Village. I will get there early to arrange with the carriage driver the best place for him to stop for your proposal. I will be hiding in the brushed prepared to photograph you popping the question.

5. Take her for a surprise picnic at Balboa Park. On a bottle of Champagne, tie a note to it asking her to marry you with the ring. When she realizes what is on the champagne bottle, be ready to get on your knee and propose. I will be across the way capturing the moment.

6. Rent a limousine for the evening and be inside when they pick her up from home or work. As you are headed to an elegant restaurant for a romantic dinner, present her with the diamond. I will be up front with the driver and when you are ready to propose, the driver will roll down the privacy window for me to capture the moment.

7. Order a dozen red roses and pick them up yourself at the shop. Write a card to ask ?Will You Marry Me??. When you meet her for dinner, be waiting with the roses. Once she is reading the card, get on one knee to propose. I will be in the distance capturing her expression from the time she reads the card to the time she says yes!

8. If neither of you are afraid of heights, arrange a hot air balloon ride. When you arrive to the balloon, have a huge banner that says ?Will You Marry Me?? I will be right there to capture her expression when she reads the sign.

9. Plan a casual dinner with all of your friends and families. I will be a ?guest? of one of your friends. Ask her to marry you in front of everyone. Your casual dinner is now a party!!

10. Take her for a sunset stroll on the beach. Take her to a certain spot on the beach to propose. Prior to arriving at that spot, I will write Marry Me in the sand. I will be waiting up above as you propose to her next to the sand written Marry Me. Can you imagine how awesome that photograph will be? What a way to remember the day she says yes!